Floor Heating Cable Sizing Guide

There is a Livella floor heating system for every home and family. Use the sizing guide below to select the perfect heater for the area that you wish to heat. Choose a UF15 under floor / in screed heater for energy-efficient and on-demand operation, and an IS35 in slab heater in new homes with access to off-peak electricity prices.

Match a reliable and efficient Livella-brand heating cable with a KT0500 Installation Kit for a complete package; including a programmable thermostat, floor temperature sensor, fixing consumables and installation monitor.

Under Tile / Under Carpet / Under Timber Heating

Model Number
Recommended Coverage
System Output Cable Length
UF0200  Floor Heating Cable 1.0 – 1.6m² 200W 13m
UF0300  Floor Heating Cable 1.6 – 2.2m²  300W 20m
UF0400  Floor Heating Cable 2.2 – 3.0m²  400W 27m
 UF0500/PK5000  Floor Heating Cable 3.0 – 4.0m²  500W 33m
UF0650  Floor Heating Cable 4.0 – 5.0m²  650W 43m
UF0800  Floor Heating Cable 5.0 – 6.0m²  800W 53m
UF1000  Floor Heating Cable 6.0 – 7.5m²  1000W 67m
UF1250  Floor Heating Cable 7.5 – 9.0m²  1250W 83m
UF1500  Floor Heating Cable 9.0 – 11.0m²  1500W 100m
UF1800  Floor Heating Cable 11.0 – 13.5m²  1800W 120m
UF2000  Floor Heating Cable 13.5 – 16.0m²  2000W 133m
UF2500  Floor Heating Cable 16.0 – 20.0m²  2500W 167m
UF3000  Floor Heating Cable 20.0 – 24.0m²  3000W 200m
  • Full Floor Coverage
  • Responsive Warming
  • Safe in Wet Areas (IPX7)
  • Under Floor & In Screed
  • For All Floor Coverings
  • New Homes & Renos.
  • 230 – 240VAC
  • AS/NZS/IEC Compliance
  • Factory-fitted Cold Leads

In Slab Heating Cables / Background Heating for New Homes

Model Number
Recommended Power Density
System Output Cable Length
IS0295  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²) 295W 8m
IS0495  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²) 495W 14m
IS0735  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  735W 21m
IS0900  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  900W 26m
IS1260  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  1260W 36m
IS1580  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  1580W 45m
IS1820  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  1820W 52m
IS2030  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  2030W 58m
IS2320  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  2320W 66m
IS2760  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²) 2760W 79m
IS2950  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  2950W 84m
IS3540  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  3540W 101m
IS4225  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²)  4225W 121m
IS5620  Builder’s Specification (80 – 200W/m²) 5620W  161m
  • Great for Larger Areas
  • Economical Off-peak Tariff
  • Faster to Install (35W/m)
  • Install in Concrete Slab
  • Under All Floor Coverings
  • For New Homes Only
  • 230 – 240VAC
  • AS/NZS/IEC Compliance