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Heat any floor, any room

Two options to suit your demands

Livella floor heating is the perfect choice in any home or commercial project, minimising energy use while achieving optimal comfort. Every system is completely silent, maintenance-free and generates beautiful radiant warmth that feels just like natural sunshine.

Choose between on-slab or in-slab heating options to suit your lifestyle and budget. While on-slab is suited to renovations and individually controlled rooms, in-slab is particularly affordable in larger, new builds.

Under tile and on-slabIn-slab

Safe. Luxurious.
And so affordable.

Livella floor heating is the best type of heating: warm; comfortable; and luxurious. 

It creates a gentle, gorgeous sensation across the entire room with no drafts, in perfect silence and without disturbing allergens.

Better yet, every system is fully automated. Energy is only used when it is needed so running costs are low.

While considered extremely luxurious, it is remarkably affordable to install. Surprisingly so.


Custom designed

Every Livella floor heating system is tailor-made at the time of installation to heat every corner of your room consistently and effectively.


Just like sunshine

Radiant heat recreates the effect of sunshine — keeping you warm and comfortable. Unlike airconditioning and gas systems, there are no draughts, no noise, and no stuffiness.


Safe and reliable

Established in 1994, Livella is a trusted name in residential and commercial heating.

Every product is tested and certified against the most demanding local and international standards for longevity, performance and electrical safety.


Under tile and on-slab

Ultimate flexibility.
Responsive performance.

On-slab heating is a flexible, versatile heat source that offers superior comfort in any room.

The ultra-thin cables are installed directly under any floor covering so warm quickly.

Every system is designed at the time of installation ensuring heat can reach every corner of the room.

Livella on-slab cables are so tough and safe, they can even be installed over stairs and into showers.

Contact Livella with your floor plans for a free design or quote, or use our  sizing guide to order an installation kit.


Quick warming

On-slab heating cables are installed directly under your preferred floor covering allowing heat to move rapidly into the room above.

While it feels like your whole home is heated, the included programmable thermostat only heats those rooms that are actually occupied.


Any floor, any project

Livella on-slab heating cables are flexible, thin and super tough. They can be installed on most any subfloor and embedded in tile adhesive.

A suitable self-levelling product can be applied over the cables on top of which carpet, timber, laminate and vinyl flooring can be fixed.



Small and large rooms

Livella floor heating systems can be configured to heat rooms as small as a single square metre — or to cover areas in the hundreds of square metres. A wide range of heater sizes delivers consistent performance.


Full coverage

Livella floor heating systems are designed at the time of installation. Room-specific cable layout puts heat into every corner and along irregular edges — even over stairs and into showers.

In-slab for new projects

Super economical for large areas and new homes

Livella in-slab heating is installed immediately prior to the pouring of new concrete slabs.

The thin but very tough cables are fixed to the reinforcing mesh at regular intervals and fitted with multiple in-floor temperature sensors.

Connected to off-peak power, heat is generated when electricity is cheap. And then heat is dissipated uninteruppted throughout the day.

In-slab heaters are available in very large sizes allowing multiple rooms to be heated very cheaply.


Off-peak power

Livella in-slab heating systems are perfect for off-peak power, using electricity when it is cheapest and dissipating heat throughout the day.


Total reliability

On-slab heating is fixed to the reinforcement mesh of the concrete slab, securing the cables permanently in place. The risk of accidental damage is extremely remote.


Zero maintenance

Livella’s electric in-slab heating has no hidden costs. Unlike hydronic systems, there is: no maintenance; no servicing; and no replacing mechanical boilers, pumps or valves.


Commercial uses

Livella heating cables are tough and reliable — and eningeered for sustained use. They are suitable in cold rooms, vetrinary facilities, disability facilities, and even for snow melting.