Radiant Warmth

The feeling of electric radiant warmth can be likened to the effect of sunshine radiating through the window onto the floor. Cold floor surfaces cause the foot to tense up in discomfort minimizing your enjoyment of your beautiful floor coverings. By increasing the floor and ambient temperature of any room you will be able to enjoy your entire home year round. Once you have experienced floor heating you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Warm Feet Equals Comfort

Your body’s circulatory system helps transport heat around your body, in particular to your extremities (hands and feet). If your environment is cold your body will adapt by limiting the heat distributed to your feet and hands and focus your body’s heat around your most important organs. By heating your feet your heart will not have to work as hard to ensure your feet are warm. When your feet are warm your heart and body are more relaxed and therefore you are more comfortable.

Correct Temperature Profile

Radiant floor heating takes full advantage of the dynamics of heat to deliver warmer temperatures to the cooler lower part of the body and breathe-easy temperatures at eye-level. Convective HVAC options – such as heat pumps, for example – instead heat air to extreme temperatures, blow it about the room and allow it to accumulate rather wastefully at ceiling level. Livella delivers the right amount of heat, to the right places at the right time.

Safe Heat

Radiant floor heating systems are cleaner, healthier and more responsive than traditional heating appliances so is the perfect family-friendly option. Unlike air conditioners, wall-mounted panels or heat lamps that concentrate super-hot heat in one place, floor heating systems deliver gentle low temperatures evenly and throughout the entire room for a superior and all natural effect.

Safe in Wet Areas

The heating cable is waterproof – having exceeded the requirements of IPX7 – so is perfectly safe in all wet areas including bathrooms, showers, wet rooms and other public amenities. In the unlikely case of accidental damage – drilling a doorstop through the floor, for example – the RCD-protected circuit instantly disconnects power from the heating cable.

Comforting News for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

Floor heating is the most allergy and asthma friendly form of heating available. Floor heating systems bypass air and the reliance of convective currents to warm people and surfaces evenly. As a result, warm floors deliver continuous comfort while greatly enhancing air quality by not circulating dust, smoke and pollen particles as well as other allergens.

By drying surfaces in the room you limit the ability of mold spores and dust mites to survive creating a health indoor environment. Families with allergy, hay fever or asthma suffers will appreciate the difference, finally being able to relax without unnecessarily disturbing airborne irritants or drying out the air (a common cause of eye and nose irritation typical of air conditioning systems). This is a key benefit to installing floor heating in carpet rooms.

Totally Invisible and Unobtrusive

Floor heating cables can be installed underneath any floor covering and so is safely out of reach from prying fingers. In fact, apart from an attractive wall mounted thermostat, you wouldn’t even know it is there. This makes floor heating an amazing space saver. Plus, there are no decorative eyesores or cords to trip over. Simply set and forget.

The Right Heat For Your Application

While both onslab and inslab options deliver a similar effect each have their more suitable applications. Read our onslab and inslab information pages to identify which system is most suitable for you or alternatively draw on the experience of our expert design team to help you decide.

Heating Timber Floors?

When making use of timber floors specifically designed for underfloor heating (inslab and onslab) applications you can rest assured that your floor coverings will last. These unique timber floors are impervious to moisture, efficiently transmit the heat to enhance the effect of floor heating and you can further benefit from sound reduction.