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Installation kits

Everything you need to install the perfect system

Installing a state-of-the-art floor heating system has never been easier.

You or your appointed contractor will have everything on hand to get the job done.

Sizing guideEasy installation

Installs in 60 minutes.

Install a custom designed floor heating system in under 60 minutes. And it is easy too. Use the sizing guide to select the rightsized heater then pair it with an installation kit featuring your preferred thermostat.

Kits are perfect for renovation projects and cover areas as small as a single square metre. Clear instructions, free-call telephone support and a 10-year warranty give you complete peace of mind. 



Heating cable


Fixing tape and crayon


Programmable thermostat

Choose between PK500 or KT0500 for the touchscreen or push-button thermostat.


Floor temperature sensor


Damage alarm

Quick to install

Clean and prepare floor

Apply a primer over the entire floor or apply spray adhesive at opposing ends of the room on to which the fixing tape can be stuck.

Measure floor area

Measure the floor excluding areas under fixtures and a perimeter of 100mm along
walls and obstacles.

Calculate cable spacing

Divide the available floor area by the length of the heating cable, and multiply by 1,000.

Attach cable to floor

Unroll the lead from the cable spool, securing it directly below the provision for the thermostat. Then, use fixing tape to attach the cable to the floor.

Install sensor

Position the floor temperature sensor between two runs of the cable and at least 150mm from the wall. Then, pull the cold leads and sensor lead into the wall leaving the black cable connections fixed to the floor.

Secure and protect

Optionally, secure and protect the cable using a self-adhesive fiberglass mesh or an application of a suitable leveling product.


Electrical safety

In certain Australian states the installation of a floor heating system may constitute prescribed electrical work and must be performed by a qualified tradesperson.

In New Zealand, floor heating systems can be installed by any competent person. However, connection of the thermostat must be performed by a licensed electrician.

Sizing guide

Simply enter the available floor area below for an instant recommendation for your new on-slab heating system for a tile, timber, vinyl or carpet floor. The available floor area excludes a 100mm perimeter from walls and floor-mounted furnishings. Contact us for a free, formal design and quotation.


Heated area 
Total output 
Electrical load
Cable spacing 

Electrical rough-in

Livella floor heating systems are easy to install and have only modest electrical needs.

Provide a copy of the Electrical rough-in guide to your preferred electrical contractor as early as possible.

A free call support service is available in Australia and New Zealand. A technician will be happy to answer any questions.