Compliance & Safety

Livella is passionate about engineering and manufacturing the safest, most reliable floor heating systems – products that protect both your family and the investment in your new home or renovation.

Our world-class engineers have ensured every product exceeds the safety and longevity requirements of both Australia and New Zealand’s peak regulatory authorities. We have also tested our products for compliance against all relevant local and international standards as well.

What’s more, every heating cable is individually tested three times prior to delivery and continuously throughout the installation by our damage alarms for complete peace of mind.

Designed for Bathrooms, Laundries and Other Wet Areas

Livella’s doubly insulated heating cables are designed to create safe, luxuriously warm floors in every corner of the home – even in showers, laundries, around pools and other wet areas.

The central conductor is shielded by a full, woven copper earth screen – which is connected to a Residual Current Device – and then sheathed in a waterproof coating of high-temperature tolerant insulating material for complete peace of mind.

Onslab Cable Design


Inslab Cable Design


This double and triple-safe cable construction has withstood the demands of the IEC60800 standards and IPX7 tests, successfully maintaining safe operation at 3000V while submerged in a NaCl solution.


No electric underfloor heating should be commissioned without the sighting of a Statutory Declaration of Compliance (SDoC). This document is essential in ensuring that the product being installed is safe and designed for the purpose for which it is intended. It is absolutely paramount that any product you wish to use has supporting SDoC’s to the proper standard, otherwise, should an electrician request to view these documents – which is becoming more prevalent – then the product cannot be connected to power.

Below are Livella’s SDoCs as issued by the Ministry of Economic Development.