Crystal Clear Mirrors with Livella’s Mirror Demister

Livella’s mirror demisters are slim line heating pads which are adhered to the back of any mirror heating the mirror’s surface to between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius above the room’s ambient temperature so that steam from a bath or shower cannot settle on the mirror leaving it crystal clear.

A spotlessly clean mist-free mirror is the perfect finishing touch to any new bathroom or renovation project, creating an immediate sense of space and well being.

Using mirror demisters will reduce the amount of time you take to clean steam and grime off the mirror’s surface.

For Every Type and Size of Mirror

Livella mirror demisters are available in two peel-and-stick sizes. Larger mirrors can be effectively and affordably covered by two or more demisters providing an adequately heated mirror. Livella are able to customize a mirror demister according to dimensions and voltage supply. Simply contact Livella today for more information.

Easy Installation

Installation of Livella’s self adhesive mirror demister is easy. Simply peel the demister from its protective sheet, adhere to the back of the mirror have an electrician connect the demister to an isolating switch and fit the mirror to the wall as usual.

mirror-demister-sizingLocal Compliance and Design

Livella have manufactured their mirror demisters to suit local conditions and meet local certifications.