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Mirror demisters

Clean, clear and healthier bathroom mirrors

Clean, clear mirrors are healthier and dramatically increase the sense of space in even the smallest bathrooms.

Connect to a timer or your lighting circuit for hassle-free resort-style comfort in your own home.

Easy installationSizing guide

Great features


Easy installation

The self-adhesive backing makes it quick and easy to install on any mirror. Just peel away the backing and press gently onto the mirror. 


Any mirror

Livella mirror demisters use a gentle, even heat to help keep mirrors clean and clear.

Smaller demisters can be used to heat larger mirrors, while Livella’s custom design service can produce bespoke shapes at any output and operating voltage in low quantities.



Quick warming

Livella mirror demisters warm quickly — between 15 and 18°C above ambient — to eliminate condensation.

Quick to install

Clean and prepare mirror

Lay the mirror face down on a cushioned surface. Clean the mirror back so it is free of dust, grease and contaminates. Pencil mark the position of the heat pad.

Remove protective film

Turn heat pad over. Remove approximately 10cm of protection film and fold it back.

Attach demister to mirror

Turn the heat pad again, adjust it to the marked position, use a dry cloth and press the adhesive side to the back of the mirror.

Press demister to mirror

Slowly peel the protection film while pressing and rubbing the adhesive side onto the back of the mirror with the dry cloth.

Fix to wall

The heated mirror can be installed on walls made of wood, ceramic tile, marble, etc. Walls must be dry, stable and smooth. The heated mirror should be wired directly into the wall circuit.

Sizing guide

Use this tool to quickly select the best mirror demister (or combination) for your project. Just type in the dimensions of your mirror and click the button. Contact us for a free, formal design and quotation.