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Affordable floor heating

Trusted since 1994

Livella designs, supplies and installs affordable floor heating systems across Australia and New Zealand.

Each is custom designed for total floor coverage and matched with an energy saving thermostats for ultra low  running costs. Look no further for a luxurious, resort-style touch in your next project.

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On-slab heating

Under tile, timber and carpet

Livella on-slab heating is flexible – suitable for any subfloor and any floor covering.

The 3mm cables are secured directly underneath tiles, timber or carpet so warm quickly.

And matched with a programmable thermostat, energy is used only when it’s needed. So it is cheap to run too.


Custom designed

Every heating system is designed at the time of installation to heat every corner, even over stairs and into showers.


Fully automated

Set four different temperatures throughout the day — and a different routine on weekdays and weekends. It feels like your whole home is heated but energy is never wasted (warming empty rooms).


New homes or renovations

On-slab cables are fixed on top of concrete, timber, cement sheeting and waterproof membranes — and even on existing tiles. Ultra-thin, they add negligible height to floors making them perfect for renovations.

In-slab heating

New residential or commercial

Livella in-slab heating systems are suited to large areas and when used for prolonged periods.

A thin, flexible heating cable is fixed to the reinforcing mesh inside the concrete slab and remains permanently protected — even if your floor coverings change.

Heat is generated cheaply during off-peak hours, stored in the slab and then dissipated throughout the day as a pleasant background warmth.


Suited to large areas

In-slab heating systems are very affordable to install, particuarly in large open plan areas. Contact us for a free design and quote.


Connect to off-peak power

Take advantage of cheaper off-peak power to generate heat for the lowest cost, and then dissipate it throughout the day when it is needed most.


Commerical and industrial uses

Livella in-slab systems have no moving parts so are maintenance-free and suited to industrial or commercial applications.

Great quality
Better service

Established in 1994, Livella has been trusted by thousands across Australia and New Zealand.

Every product is designed and tested locally for peak performance and electrical safety — and backed by a guarantee for your peace of mind.

Best of all, Livella’s range of programmable thermostats share their energy saving smarts with other appliances to keep running costs low.

Contact Livella for expert advice, and a free quotation on your next project.


Trusted for 25 years

Livella is a trusted name, supplying and installing affordable floor heating systems since 1994.


Energy efficient

Livella’s on-slab systems warm quickly and are programmed to match your daily routine so energy is never waste. And in-slab systems generate heat during off-peak when power is cheapest.


Totally reliable

Livella heating cables are engineered for performance and longevity, and tested for integrity throughout the installation process.



Every product is designed, tested and certified locally to exceed the most demanding electrical safety standards.