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Livella Products

Livella’s underfloor heating cables and thermostats stand out as best-in-class solutions for building and renovating homes due
to their unmatched quality, reliability, and advanced technology

Our products guarantee a luxurious and inviting atmosphere, with over 30 years of experience, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products.

Fast & efficient

Smart controls & affordable pricing

Custom designs for every room

Space-saving & aesthetic appeal

Compatible with home automation

On-Slab Heating:

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Energy efficient
On-slab heating cables are installed only millimetres from your preferred floor coverings. Warming quickly, and on schedule, energy is used only when its needed.

Multi-level homes
On-slab heating cables can be fixed to concrete, cement sheeting, waterproof membranes, on existing tiles, and in screed.

Full coverage
Every Livella system is designed at the time of installation so the heating cables can reach every corner — even over stairs and into showers.

Unlike ‘mat type’ products, you can ensure there are no awkward cold spots

In-slab Heating:

Livella in-slab heating systems are typically installed in new homes and in polished concrete applications.

Small or large areas
Livella boasts an extensive range of in-slab heating cables to heat small and very large areas. This wide selection allows you to balance individual contol with installation costs.

Uninterrupted comfort
In-slab cables are typically fixed to reinforcing mesh to the boundary of the room or open plan living area. This guarantees maximum floor coverage and uninterupted comfort.

Perfect for off-peak connections
In-slab systems are storage heaters. Connected to off-peak power, the cables generate heat when it is cheapest and then dissipate warmth throughout the day. Think of it as your own energy saving battery.

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Deluxe Touchscreen Thermostat

Save on energy costs and automate home comfort.

Customisable touch screen control over all your heating appliances. Comfort at your fingertips with smart settings you can control when and where to heat, manually override those settings without losing them and adapt to the environment with surface and air sensors.

This thermostat is included as standard with an PK5000 floor heating installation kit.

Control Zoned Under Floor Heating.

Slim unobtrusive design.

Vertical or Horizontal Orientation.

Suits any bathroom with customisable faceplates.

Multi-Appliance Management.

Air Temperature Sensors.

Adapt your heating to ambient temperatures.

Daily Scheduling for weekdays and weekends.

Manually override set schedules temporarily.

Control Heated Towel Rails.

Match existing fixtures.

Completely silent operation.

Easy to set up and use.

Can be utilised with most underfloor solutions.

Operate on Minimum and Maximum Heat Ranges.

Floor Temperature Sensors.

Night mode.

Replace existing thermostats.

Technical Specifications

Looking for an instruction manual or installation details or technical specifications? We’ve got a whole host of resources for trade installers and customers. Whether you’ve lost the instruction manual or you’re installing for the first time. Download them here.

LU-AP5000 Technical Specs


Load (Heating)

Load (Appliance)






130mm x 90mm


Thermostat Controller Instructions

Mirror Demisters:

Mirror demisters are an essential addition to any modern bathroom, ensuring your mirror remains crystal clear and fog-free even in the steamiest conditions. 

These innovative devices are easy to install, sliding discreetly behind your mirror to provide consistent warmth that prevents condensation. They ensure a clear reflection every time you step out of the shower. 

Say goodbye to streaks and fog with a mirror demister and enjoy a flawless view every day.


  • Fog-Free Mirrors
  • Easy Installation
  • Use for any mirrors
  • Long-Lasting Performance
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Commercial Uses:

Hot yoga
In-slab heating is perfect for new installations, allowing floor coverings to be regularly replaced without concern.

Precision temperature control ensures the comfort of participants — and the desired therapeutic effect.

Cold rooms
In-slab heating cables are regularly used in cold rooms to protect building foundations. Because of its ultra-thin electrical
design, a secondary system can be installed for redundancy.

Animal enclosures
Encased in the concrete slab, in-slab heating cables are completely hidden and protected. Animal enclosures can be cleaned
as normal, even while the system continues to run.

Snow melting
In-slab heating cables are suitable for snow melting applications in public spaces, in driveways, and in outdoor recreation

Our Installers & Suppliers

Livella installs and supplies our products right across Australia and New Zealand. With Trade Store partners in physical locations and fast next day dispatch on online orders. You can trust our installers to be well trained and efficient at installing our products and the quick access to parts and materials means it’s not too late to add underfloor heating to your next project.


Thousands of renovations and new builds with happy families

Bathroom Renovation

Lilyfield, NSW

“Recently we had Livella underfloor heating system installed in our bathrooms and couldn’t be happier with the results. This upgrade has truly transformed the bathrooms. It’s efficient and adds a touch of luxury to our daily lives. I would highly recommend this system to anyone, It’s a worthwhile investment the whole family love it. “

5 Bedroom Home

Torquay, VIC

“I recently had the pleasure of working with the Livella team who undertook an in-slab heating installation in a new 5 bedroom home project. The results have exceeded all of our expectations. It’s a luxurious addition that combines efficiency and comfort. I can’t recommend the Livella team highly enough. If you’re considering underfloor heating, don’t hesitate, It’s an investment that will not only make your home warmer but also elevate its overall appeal and value.”

3 Bedroom Home

Greenwich, NSW

“I recently had the privilege of having a underfloor heating system installed in my home, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. The team at Livella worked closely with us to customise the heating design to suit our specific needs and preferences. They took into consideration the layout of our home, room usage, and even our preferred temperature settings for each area. The team demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise throughout the project. The installation process was efficient, and they paid great attention to detail, resulting in a seamless and flawless finish.”

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